Rad photo of a young Brand New playing Rockford College in our beloved Rockford, IL.


Regram from Foxing.

Jaeschke | Sampson

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Look! It’s our dear friend Conor of Foxing! Taken by our other dear friend Cameron “Like Silk” Boucher of Old Gray!

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So stoked for you guys to hear this one.

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Thanks everyone ( @badponies / @shlumpyy / @willfiler / @michaelpfohl / @xstandforitx ) for the pics from Skeletal Lightning Fest - we had an absolute blast




Prawn and us are going out this weekend.

Talkin’ about hitting three places, HARD:

Friday - March 21st - Normal, IL -

Saturday - March 22nd - Chicago, IL -

Sunday - March 23rd - Grand Rapids, MI -

We will be playing with other bands as well, including Cut Teethand Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers in Chicago, andChoke Up and Lee Corey Oswald in Grand Rapids.

We will have our splits available as well as Summer Months repressings.

Stewart Oakes will be having a drum clinic before every show to show you, in his words, “how it’s done”. $75 entry.


Spider Mansion covering "Martin Park" by Joie De Vivre

Check out this cover Spider Mansion did of our song “Martin Park” from our split with Prawn.

It’s perfect.  Thank you so much man.


Review of our sold out show with Foxing / Island of Misfit Toys / Special Explosion


Check us out on page 25 of The Smiths Anniversary issue of NME out NOW!!

Thanks to our good friends Hans Rupert for taking our first legitimate picture.